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June 13, 2014

Introduction The problem of Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs is a growing social concern. This is especially so with an increasing number of our adolescents and young adults, experimenting not only with alcohol and nicotine, but also marijuana (ganja), narcotics, prescription medication and various forms of inhalants. In response to this, we are witnessing a growth in the number of facilities for the treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. For instance, the De-Addiction Network coordinated by NIMHANS, Bangalore, currently has a membership of over 15 such facilities, most of which are spread in and around Bangalore.

We acknowledge the fact that some differences may exist among the various treatment centres with regards to philosophy and approaches to treatment modalities and intervention. However, there are also concerns about some treatment interventions that include various forms of emotional and physical abuse and violence currently in practice. While such interventions have little or no therapeutic value in themselves, they also fail to comply with contemporary standards of mental health care.

The basic goals of treatment and rehabilitation of persons suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction is shared by all treatment facilities. However, as health professionals comm

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