• Programme Clarification … Counseling
  • Motivation Strengthening… Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution… Counseling
  • Relapse Identification… Counseling
  • Relapse Prevention … Counseling
  • Assignments / T.D.A.
  • Prescribed Reading
  • Quiet Time
  • Journal Writing



Our profoundly prepared physical specialists assess and treat the physical and useful difficulties that outcome from a spinal line damage, mind harm, stroke, removal, orthopedic harm, musculoskeletal condition or neurologic issue.


Occupational Therapy concentrates on offering people some assistance with developing the essential aptitudes for employment availability – everything from individual preparing to driving and working. By applying the demonstrated methods and most recent advancements, our word related advisors empower people with an assortment of difficulties to accomplish however much autonomy as could reasonably be expected in their every-day lives.


People experiencing issues with their correspondence, dialect and gulping might profit by the specific consideration of Rama Rehab’s Speech Therapy. Our ensured speech advisors and dialect pathologists analyze and treat an assortment of disarranges coming about because of stroke, cerebrum damage or other neurological conditions.


People experiencing issues with discernment, enthusiastic working or behavioral working might profit by administrations of our brain research and neuropsychology group.

The group of authorized therapists at Rama Rehab incorporates pros in clinical brain science, clinical neuropsychology, and restoration brain research.


Treatment administration intended to restore, remediate and restore a man’s level of working and autonomy in life exercises, to advance well-being and health and in addition lessen or take out the action confinements and limitations to support in life circumstances brought on by an ailment or handicapping condition.


Guru Kripa Nasha Mukti focuses on use of mediation and yoga to diminish the introductory anxiety and madness that accompanies enslavement. The helpful impacts of yoga are extremely valuable for a recuperating someone who is addicted. Here are a couple reasons that focuses on why to utilize this treatment system :

Physical Benefits: Yoga rapidly creates physical control and normally fortifies a fiend’s medication affected body.

Assists with Detox: Because yoga diminishes stress levels and supports the body’s characteristic frameworks of detoxification, it can accelerate the detox time amid recovery.

Assists with Mental parts of Addiction: While recouping from compulsion, finding elective approaches to alleviate your psyche as opposed to coming back to the substance is vital. Yoga supplies a junkie with a characteristic option—breaking the set up example of enslavement.

Manages Stress: Yoga people and groups help to recover and have control over their body and their psyche.